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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

To register for the conference, check out our Eventbrite page and feel free to check out the Facebook page too!

How do I prepare? What should I bring? 

Take a deep breath, and RELAX. :) Bring your Happiness, Curiosity, a Backup Battery Phone Charger

I don't know anyone. Should I still attend? 

Yes! The purpose of the Modern Day Woman’s Conference is to meet new women who share the same passions as you do. 

How can I purchase an ad, and what are the dimensions?

For more information regarding an ad purchase, check out this booklet, and email to purchase an ad. 

Is there a parking fee?

Nope! Both locations offer parking free of charge so that you can save your money and enjoy the conference.

Where can I find event images?

Event Images will be posted on this website ( after the event has finished.  

What are the benefits of being a sponsor?

There are four sponsorship levels. Each level includes complimentary conference tickets, sponsor recognition, and promotional item distribution. For additional information, email .

How much does The Modern Day Woman's Conference cost, and can I pay at the door?

The Modern Day Woman’s Conference is $50 to attend. You can also grab a MDWC shirt before you checkout!  To ensure participants are able to attend their preferred breakout sessions, we suggest early arrival.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the event or a scheduling conflict and can no longer attend?For cancellation and refund inquiries, email

What is the Modern Day Woman’s Conference?

The Modern Day Woman’s Conference is a two day event that celebrates the advancement and self‐empowerment of young women. This conference will encourage young adult women to take a moment to connect with other women and build on these new found relationships.  

How can I join YWP?

For more information about YWP, click here.

Is seating assigned?​

Not at all! We want you to fully enjoy the experience. Besides who really likes seating charts anyway?

How can I apply to be a speaker?

Feel free to email by July 30th for speaker inquiries. ​

How should I dress?

Comfrotably chic, yet business casual, or whatever you feel comfortable in.

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